Interest forms allow you to collect email addresses of people that might be interested in your offering. They can submit their interest without creating an account on the Sutra platform.

After respondents submit their name and email address you will have an opportunity to send them Broadcast emails from Sutra or download a CSV file with all the data.

Note: Interest Form feature is available on the Professional and Organizational plans (see our Membership plans here).

How to add Interest form to your registration page:

  1. First get to the registration page editor. For this click on Manage, scroll down the page till the Registration settings and press Edit page.

  2. There will be a default registration page block pre-created for you.

  3. You can add an interest form as a simple block or select it in a layout - a pre-created design option for you.

    1. Interest form as a simple block: click on the + icon to see the editor's menu, scroll down to the Buttons section and select Interest Form.

    2. Interest form in a layout: click on the Layouts icon, scroll down to the Forms and select one.

  4. Here I added a layout with an Interest form. The layout on top has a registration button for this Program space (you can remove it if you don't want people to register for your program). The second layout has an interest form.

  5. Click on the Interest form and select the Settings from the bottom menu.

  6. Here you'll be able to customise the whole layout including the button. You can edit the text, color, add the Pop up message or choose to redirect respondents to custom link. Example:

  7. Customise your form and don't forget to publish the draft.

  8. I've set the pop up message in this interest form that the respondents see when they submit their information:

  9. After people express their interest you'll see a list of respondents in the Members area of your program under the interested tab: Manage-Members-Interested.

    Here you'll be able to send them a Broadcast and download a CSV file.

  10. You can also choose to send them an automatic email. For this go to the General settings of your program and scroll down to Automation.

    Choose Becomes interested in this space on top and add a new step writing an email.

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