How to set up registration payments for your program

How to set up registration payments for your program

Note: You can set up payments for your program space and for the sub spaces inside your program. Whether your program is free or paid, there can be paid sub spaces inside of it. You might use them for additional paid content or discussions.

  1. Choose your program space (click on the name of your program), click on Manage on the top menu and select the General settings tab. Here you will be able to change the privacy status of your program and make it paid.

  2. Click on the Privacy and payment settings to expand the menu. To make your program paid, choose the Paid option. The settings will be saved automatically.

  3. After that press the blue Connect Stripe button. You will be redirected to the Stripe website.

    Sutra uses Stripe financial services and software to collect payments. If you would like to collect payments via your Sutra registration page you need to connect or create a Stripe account.

    Note: Stripe is a third party payment processing platform with the highest grade of payment processing security. It collects payments and then deposits money to your bank account taking the standard credit card processing fee of 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction. Stripe does not charge monthly or annual fees.

    You can find all the necessary information about how to get started with Stripe in their support resources:

  4. Once you’ve connected your Stripe account and returned to the General Settings you will have access to all the payments settings.

    Here you'll be able to set the price, select the preferred currency and the type of payment:

    1. One time.

    2. Flexible.

    3. Recurring.

    Note: Please note that if you prefer to use other payment services you should add a link to the external payment service on your registration page.

Let’s look at the Payment settings.

To collect money for your program through Sutra you can choose One time, Flexible or Recurring payment options.

One time payment

One time payment setting gives you the possibility to set a fixed price for your program that will be charged once during the registration process.

Note: The Stripe payment processing fee is fixed but the Sutra fee depends on your membership plan. If you decide to collect payments through the Sutra registration page we recommend upgrading your account to minimize the fee you pay.

  • Basic plan - 21%

  • Personal plan - 2%

  • Professional plan- no Sutra fee

  • Organization plan - no Sutra fee

Select the preferred currency

In the payment details here you can select the preferred currency.

Note: If you want to choose a flexible payment option you should first choose the One time payment setting, select the currency and then opt for the Flexible payment option.

Important: Create the registration page for the paid program

You’ve set up your payment settings and can work on the registration page.

How to access the registration page builder: Manage-General settings-Registration page settings.

Please, add the price of your offering to the registration page manually:

Send individual invitations

Note: You can invite people to your program space with a special price or even for free. For this, go to program space, click on Manage, select Members tab and press the blue Invite button.

Here you can invite particular members using their email addresses, writing an optional message and setting an individual price. They will receive a unique invitation to register with the email that you used to add them.

You can see the invited members by clicking: ManageMembers→Invited.

By clicking on the three dots to the right from the email address you'll be able to Resend or Cancel invitation.

Flexible payments

  1. The flexible payment option enables you to offer different payment levels or allow the participants to pay what they can. Click Edit payment options to create your options. The participants will choose the payment option before they pay for your program.

    Note: The flexible payment option is available on the membership plans with the survey feature (Professional, Organization) and is not available on the Basic and Personal plans (see our Membership plans here).

    Flexible payments allow you to offer multiple payment options for your program. If you would like people to set their own price, just create a payment option without setting the amount for that option. That option will show up with an input for the person to set their own amount.

  2. Set your payment levels and press the green Save button when you are ready. Here you can also write an optional explanation (e.g. ‘Please select a payment amount’).


    Note: You can create the payment levels yourself or allow the participants to pay what they can. Please note, that if you leave the amount field blank the participants can write 0 and not pay in this case. To avoid this you can set a minimum recommended amount.

    Note: If you want your payments to be in a currency other than USD you can change it in the One time payment option. After that, switch back to the Flexible option.

If you are charging a fee for your program, you'll find a list of confirmed paying members in Manage→Members→Payments.

What the participants will see during the registration:

Recurring payments

If you want to create a paid program with a regular subscription, you will need to choose the Recurring payments option.

Here you will be able to specify if you want to charge it monthly or yearly and indicate if you would like to charge your members several times or stop charging them on a specific date.

How to end regular subscription

You choose to automatically stop charging the member (in this case this person remains the member until you remove them) or remove the member from your program space to end the regular subscription (Manage→Members).

Note: if you are running a program with a regular subscription, please, let your participants know that to cancel this subscription and stop regular payments they will need to leave the circle or you can simply remove them from your side. Only after that, they can delete their Sutra account if they want to.

You can also choose to stop charging a member without removing this person. This will cancel their repeating Stripe payments.

How to remove a member:

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