Add a survey to the registration process

Member who didn't complete the survey

Add a survey to the registration process

Let’s explore how we can add your survey to the registration process.

  1. Choose your program space (click on the name of your program), click on Manage on the top menu and select the General settings tab.

  2. Click on Automation to expand it. Here you will be able to add the survey using automation features.

  3. Click the blue Add step button.

  4. Then select Survey person on join option from the dropdown menu.

  5. Click on Select option below and choose the survey if you already created one or create a new survey. Then press the blue Save step button.

  6. Create your survey: write the title, optional description, add the questions. Click the green Save button when you are ready.

  7. Do not worry about the order of the automation steps when you add your survey to registration. The participants will go through this survey when they click on the action button on your registration page. They won’t be able to join the space before they complete the survey.

Members who didn't complete the survey

If you added a survey to the registration process the participants will need to fill in the survey to complete the registration and become members.

If they haven't completed the survey you will see them under the Members tab with a Survey status.

Note: If you approve the participants with Pending status here they will become members without completing the survey.

What you can do:

You can choose not to approve them and send them a personal email encouraging them to complete the survey. Or you can approve them and add the survey to the discussion space so that they can complete it during the program.

For this you can go to your program space, click on Manage, choose Surveys.

Then create a new survey or click on the 3 dots of the existing one and choose the Add to space option from the drop-down menu.

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