One of Sutra's most unique features is the ability to tag yours and other people's posts. Tags let you save and organize what people share in the discussion feed. Often, someone will say something interesting or insightful, and a few days later the comment is so far back stream that it’s pretty much lost. How do you save that and somehow make it available for future reference? Tags are designed to help you solve this problem.

Note: If you want to add a tag to the post you are creating, you need to publish it first and only ofter that tag it.

When you click on the Tag button next to each message, you’ll see a pop up with an option to add tags. You can tag other people's messages as well as your own.

You can choose a tag from the created ones or create a new one. Then click on the green Update button.

Now you can zoom in on all the posts tagged with this tag by clicking on the three dots on the top menu bar and then selecting a colored tag from the dropdown menu.

After that you will see all the messages with this tag.

You can also delete tags by clicking on the "X" next to it. Confirm this action by pressing Okay. Then click on the green Update button.

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