If you want to use several automation features below you can see the recommended order of the automation steps. You don't need to add all the steps just make sure you add them aligned with this order:

  1. Registration survey

  2. Welcome email

  3. Pending status

  4. Add person to existing circle

Note: If you add a Pending status (orange block) we recommend you edit the Welcome email (yellow block) that your members receive after the registration. In the Welcome email you can let people know that they've got registered but they will be able to access the program space only after approval. This Welcome email will be the confirmation of their registration. It's better to remove all the links to the circle from it since they will not be able to get into your program space before approval. You will send the link to the program circle in the approval email (you can edit it if you click on the Set member status to pending block.)

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