Give extra rights to your members

Sutra enables you to give extra rights to your members. With these settings you can allow members contribute to the content recourses and create their discussion and content spaces within your program.

To access the circle settings go inside this circle, click on Manage on the top menu and select Additional settings.

Read more about the Additional settings.

Content editing rights

Note: available in program and content circles only.

Note: You need to add your participants to these content circles where you want them to have the editing rights. The participants can' t join the content circles themselves even if these circles are open - they can just see the content inside.

This setting allows you to set content in this circle to be editable by members of this circle. By default, no one in the circle can create and edit content. You can set this to open so that other members can do it. This is useful if you're running a collaborative learning experience and want others to contribute to the group content. For example, you can give the content editing rights only in a particular content circle and have this settings set to closed in the rest of your program space.

If you set the Content editing to Open your members will have access to edit page mode within this content circle. Therefore they will be able to edit and delete all the content on this page, add their content blocks, files, links, etc.

Note: It is important that you explain to your members where and how you would like them to contribute to the content section of your program. You can provide them with a loom video, screenshots with clear instructions. You can use a free service called Loom to record your screen (

Lock topics from edits

Yon open the Content editing for your members but lock some part of your content from editing by non-managers.

  1. For this you add topic resources - collapsable content sections:

  2. When you write the title for your topic you can opt for Lock topic from edits by non-managers:

  3. You can always change it by clicking on the 6 dots and selecting Edit topic from the dropdown menu:

  4. Here you can see that in this content circle with open Content editing there are 2 topics that are locked.

  5. The participants won't be able to edit locked topics. They will only be able to edit the open topic resources and add pages to them.

    Note: The members won't be able to edit your locks topics but they will still be able to edit the page itself and add their content to it.

Circle creation rights

Note: available in program and content circles only.

This setting allows you to specify if members are allows to create sub circles in your circle. It is set to closed by default. You can also specify what time of sub circles you allow members to create.

Create a discussion forum

You can create a discussion forum where the participants can create their discussion topics themselves.

To create a discussion forum you should create a content circle (which will serve as a folder for the future discussions) and enable discussion circle creation in it.

You can also allow your participants to invite members to their discussion circles by copying from other circles.

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