Manage your space: Main settings

Once inside your program space, click on Manage on the top menu. Here you will be able to edit your circle’s settings.

Privacy and payment settings

Here you can change the privacy status of your circle. This allows you to set the public visibility of a circle and registration page.

Open: If you want people to be able to register for your program or community from a publicly visible registration page you'll want to select Open.

Private: If you only want people that you directly invite to register for the circle, then you would select Private. This way you can invite as many people as you want through email and only they will be able to register for your circle.

If you have a top level circle set to private, all sub circles will be private as well. If you have a sub circle set to private, that circle will only be visible to members of that circle and managers of the parent circle. If you have a number of sub circles, setting them to private ensures that when members come to your circle they only see the circles that they are a part of.

Paid: If you have a paid program, select Paid and set a payment option for the circle. Read more about the Payment settings.

The importance of privacy settings

Program with registration pages:

✅ If you want the audience to be able to see your registration page, please, set the privacy of your program circle to OPEN or PAID (in this case you will need to connect your Stripe account).

✅ If you opt for a PRIVATE option or a PAID option without connecting your Stripe account, people will not be able to see your registration page. When you have a private program you can only invite certain people using their email addresses.

✅ In open and paid programs you can invite people individually and also use the registration page. You can always ensure the privacy of your program by adding a pending status or simply creating a paid program. If you have a pending status, people will get into your program only after your approval.

Programs without registration pages:

✅ If you have an OPEN program WITHOUT the registration page, anyone can get inside of your circle without registration or becoming a member.

✅ If you have a PRIVATE program you don't need the registration page. It will not be visible to public. Only the manager can invite members by sending personal invitations (you need to know their email addresses). If you create a registration page in a private program, it will only be visible to those invitees who are not yet registered on Sutra.

✅ If you have a PAID program WITHOUT the registration page - the system will show a very basic page for your participants because it's not possible to become a member of a paid program without getting registered.

Example of a basic registration page:

Registration page settings

Set up the registration page for your offer. Read more about creating your registration page.

Automation features

Add automation features that allow you to:

Useful articles

Additional settings

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