Create an event

Create an event in a discussion circle

Registration page and a Welcome email for the event

Broadcast emails prior to the event

Adding event to the calendar

Create an event

You can create an event for your participants inside your program space so that they can add it to their calendar and have all the necessary information prior to the event. Note: The participants should already be members of your program space.

There are two ways of creating an event:

  • Create a discussion circle for the event so that the participants can share their reflections there. We will do it step-by-step in this article.

  • Create a content circle for the event so that you can put all the necessary resources, files, links, etc. to share with your audience. Inside this content circle you can create a discussion sub circle if you prefer.

Create an event in a discussion circle

  1. For this go to your program space, click on the blue + New circle button and create an open discussion circle.

  2. Go inside this circle, click on Manage and select Additional settings. Here you can set the date and time of the event, write a short description which will be seen in the Calendar event description and insert the video call link.

  3. Optional step. You can create the first post in your discussion circle so that your participants will see it when they register.

  4. The members will see this post when they join the circle. You can use it to provide them with all the necessary information and encourage discussion. After the event you can upload the video recording to the discussion feed and pin the post.

Registration page and a Welcome email for the event

Optional step. You can choose to create a registration page for the event and a welcome email the participants will receive after they get registered. The registration page can contain the event description, information about the speakers, etc.

  1. To create a registration page go inside the event circle, click on Manage and select the Main settings tab.

  2. Set your circle privacy status to Open (or Paid if you want to collect money for it) and the registration page status as Active.

  3. To create the registration page click on Edit.

    Read more about creating the registration pages here.

    1. You can make the registration page Active and leave it empty without editing. The members of your space will see this when they click on it:

  4. If you have an active registration page it's important to add a Welcome email your participants will get when they join the circle. You have to add this step manually in the sub circles.

    Being inside the event circle go to the Main settings, scroll down the page to and click the blue Add step button.

  5. You can choose to write a new email or select the standard welcome email You just registered for {{circle_name}}. Select Send to member and press the green Add email button.

  6. After that you can always edit the welcome email. For this click on the Send email to member block to expand it. Then press the link You just registered for {{circle_name}} below to see the registration welcome email.

  7. Edit the welcome email or leave the standard message as it is if you prefer.

    Note: If you edit the email it's very important that you keep the link to your circle as in the standard email to make it easier for your participants to access your program space. You can use {{circle_link}}, and {{circle_name_link}} which you can find below the message field.

  8. After you complete making changes to the email click on the green Save email button to save the changes.

Broadcast emails prior to the event

You can compose some broadcast emails for your participants prior to the event. For example, you can send reminder emails 3 days and then 3 hours before the event that will include the video conference link and all the necessary information.

For this you need to create a Broadcast inside the event circle for it to be sent to all the registered members of this circle. Read here more about the Broadcast.

Note: The Broadcast feature is available on all the paid membership plans: Personal, Professional, Organization (see our Membership plans here).

Adding event to the calendar

After you create an event circle your participants will be able to add it to their calendars.

Here's what your participants will see when they add an event to their Google calendar:

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