Note: The Welcome email and the Pending status features are available on all the plans. Other Automation features are available on the Professional and Organization plans. You can compare the plans here.

Sutra can automatically send a welcome email when your participants register for your program.

  1. To create or edit a welcome email to your members within your program choose your program space (click on the name of your program), click on Manage on the top menu and select the Main settings tab.

  2. Here you will see the automation features area with a standard Welcome email already created for you.

  3. Click on the Send email to member block to expand it. Then press the link You just registered for {{circle_name}} below to see the registration welcome email.

  4. Here you can edit the Welcome email your participants will receive after the registration.

    There is a standard message that you can leave as it is or customize it.

    Note: If you edit the email it's very important that you keep the link to your circle as in the standard email to make it easier for your participants to access your program space. You can use {{circle_link}}, and {{circle_name_link}} which you can find below the message field.

  5. After you complete making changes to the email click on the green Save email button to save the changes.

    Note: If you have both the Welcome email and the Pending status in your space, please, make sure you put the Welcome email as the first automation step and the Pending status as the second.

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