How to send a broadcast email to all the members of the circle

Create a broadcast

Schedule a broadcast for delivery

How to send a broadcast email to all the members of the circle

Note: The Broadcast feature is available on all the paid plans (see our Membership plans here).

Broadcasts allow you to send personalized emails directly from Sutra to your program members. You can send email newsletters, program announcements, and helpful tips, just to name a few examples.

In this tutorial you will learn how to use the Broadcast feature. You can use broadcast emails for your whole program space or any sub space inside your program. Please keep in mind that the broadcast email is sent to everyone within a particular space and is archived in the Broadcast area of that particular space.

If you want to send a broadcast email to all the members of your program you should start in the program space.

Create a Broadcast

  1. Choose your program space (click on the name of your program), click on Manage on the top menu and select the Broadcast tab.

  2. You are in the Broadcast area of your program.

  3. Press the blue Compose email button to create and send emails to your members.

  4. Now you can create your broadcast email: write the title and the content of it. You can use {{first_name}} to make it personal.

  5. Schedule a broadcast for delivery.

    After you complete the email you can either choose to Send email right away, Save as draft or Send on date scheduling it for delivery on a specific date and time.

  6. All the broadcast emails are stored in the broadcast archive (Manage Broadcast). Click on the three vertical dots on the right-hand side and choose if you want to delete email from the archive or duplicate it.

  7. If you save your email as a draft or choose to send it on a particular date you’ll also have the option to edit it.

  8. If you click on the broadcast email you sent you’ll see that it was sent to all members.

The participants will receive this broadcast email as if it’s sent from your email address. If there are several managers in the circle you’ll be able to select whom to send this email from. Please note that your participants will be able to reply to the email that gets sent out as a broadcast so if there are multiple managers, select the from address of the person who will be able to respond to any replies.

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