Create a survey

See the survey responses

Add a survey to a discussion circle

Add a survey to the registration process

Why members have pending status

Note: The Survey feature is available on the Professional and Organization plans (see our Membership plans here).

Create a survey

Surveys allow you to collect information or payments from your participants. You can use surveys to take polls, create quizzes, and more.

Surveys can be added:

  • to the registration process (the participants go though it before they join your program),

  • to the discussion circles (you can add a survey there at any moment during your program).

  1. To create a survey choose your program space (click on the name of your program), click on Manage on the top menu and select the Surveys tab.

  2. You are in the Survey area of your program. Press the blue Create survey button.

  3. In the next window set up the survey details: you can name your survey, write an optional description and press Add question.

    Note: Add payment Request option is used to create a flexible payment option that allows you to set several payment levels. You can read about this type of survey here: Payment settings.

  4. You can add as many questions as you like with a multiple choice, single choice or free form response. The four direction arrow symbol allows you to switch questions around.

    When you are ready, press the green Save survey button.

  5. Great job! Your survey is ready.

  6. You can always go back to the survey area, click on the three vertical dots on the right-hand side to see the drop-down menu. Here you can edit, delete or duplicate your surveys.

    You can also choose to:

    1. Download CSV - to get the survey responses sent to you by email in a CSV file format.

    2. Send to circles - to add a survey to any discussion circle of your choice.

    See the Survey responses

    Click on the name of your survey. Here you can see your questions and the responses of the participants. You can choose the summary view or sort them by name. You can also receive the responses in a CSV file format sent to your email address (see the previous step).

    Note: Sutra surveys are not anonymous. If you collect feedback during or after the program you might prefer to have anonymous responses so that your participants will be comfortable to give you honest responses. In this case we recommend using other survey services (e.g. Google forms).

Add a survey to a discussion circle

First create a survey that you would like to add to a circle. Then choose Send to circles in the drop-down menu. Here you can write an optional description, check off the discussion circle(s) you would like to add this survey to, choose to send it as yourself or sutrabot and press the green Send survey button.

The participants will see the description and the Take survey button posted in the selected discussion circle.

By clicking on the blue Take button participants will be able to respond to your survey.

After the participant answers the questions, the survey button will turn green.

Add a survey to the registration process

Let’s explore how we can add your survey to the registration process.

  1. Choose your program space (click on the name of your program), click on Manage on the top menu and select the Main settings tab. Here you will be able to add the survey using automation features.

  2. Click the blue Add step button and then select Survey person on Join option from the dropdown menu.

  3. Then click on Select option and choose the survey if you already created one or create a new survey. See How to create a survey.

  4. Do not worry about the order of the automation steps when you add your survey to registration. The participants will go through this survey when they click on the action button on your registration page. They won’t be able to join the circle before they complete the survey.

Why members are in pending status

If you added a survey to the registration process the participants will need to fill in the survey to complete the registration and become members.

If they haven't completed the survey you will see them under the Pending tab with a survey status. To access the list of pending members you need to choose your program space (click on the name of your program), click on Manage on the top menu and select the Pending tab.

Note: If you approve the participants with Pending status here they will become members without completing the survey.

What you can do:

You can choose not to approve them and send them a personal email encouraging them to complete the survey. Or you can approve them and add the survey to the discussion circle so that they can complete it during the program.

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