See the EXAMPLES of program spaces

Edit page mode

After you created your program space you can edit this page to make it exactly as you want it. Once inside your Program space, click on Edit page on the top menu.

In the Edit page mode you can rename your program, add cover, edit the main page of your program space, add different blocks (video, images, files, etc.), discussion and content sub circles to it.

Add cover

To add a cover click on the Add cover link above the name of your space and choose the file on your computer. It needs to be (1200px by 300px) otherwise the system will auto crop your image.

Suggested resource for beautiful free images:

Add content blocks

To add different blocks to the page click on the + icon on the left or type “/” in the field. Then select a block from the menu.

The Basic Blocks allow you to add:

  • Text

  • Headlines

  • Numbered list

  • Bullet list

  • Checked list

The Media Blocks include:

  • Images

  • Files (documents, audio files, etc.)

  • Embed video (recommended)

  • Video upload

  • Fancy link

The Content Blocks include:

  • New circle

  • Topic resource - a collapsable section which can have several content pages

  • Grid of blocks - to organise your content.

Add sub circles to your program

To add a sub circle click put the cursor on the empty line and click on the grey New circle button on the quick menu or click on the Plus sign "+" and select New Circle from the dropdown menu.

Write the name of the circle, choose this circle to be for Content or Discussion. Then press the green Create circle button.

You can add two types of sub circles in Sutra:

  • Discussion - for group discussion or announcements.

  • Content - create information pages for your program's content. You can add lesson plans, glossaries, assignments, and much more. These pages can include collapsable sections, videos, images, files, and text.

Add a grid

You can create a multi-column layout by adding a Grid. After creating a Grid and choosing grid size you can drag and drop circles, pieces of text, images, videos, etc. into the grid.

Important: Be sure to first paste all the elements on the page and then move them into the grid cells of your choice.

To move any block into the grid, please, press and hold the 6 dots icon next to this object to select it and then drag it into the cell of the grid. Drop the block when you see the chosen cell turning green. You can remove the block from the grid the same way.

Example from the Sutra Co-Creator Collective community:

Upload an image

If you upload an image to your content page you can adjust the size of it. For this click on the 6 dots icon to the left from the image and select the most suitable option from the dropdown menu.

Upload a video (embed video or upload directly)

To upload a video just paste the link or embed code into the empty line. We recommend to use Youtube unlisted or Vimeo and then paste it on your content page inserting the link.

You can also use a direct uploading option (the max file upload size is 1GB).

After that you can adjust the video size on the page.

Delete content

To delete any block from the content page, click on the 6 dots menu icon next to it and select Delete.

Delete, archive and duplicate a program circle

If you want to delete, archive or duplicate a program circle you can do it from the Additional settings menu.

For this go inside the circle, click on Manage, select Additional settings and then click on the Delete, Archive or Duplicate button.

Note: You can use this option for sub circles within your program too.

Delete, archive and duplicate a sub circle

If you want to delete, archive or duplicate a sub circle within your program you can do it via the Additional settings and in the Edit page mode:

  1. In the Edit page mode click on the 6 dots to the left from the circle and select Delete, Archive or Duplicate from the dropdown menu.

View page mode

Click on the green View page button to exit the Edit page mode.

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