Create your program space

Share your program/registration page with your audience

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Create your program space

  1. Log into Sutra -

  2. If already logged in, be sure to click on the Home button in the top right corner.

  3. From the Home screen click on the blue + Create button.

  4. Click on Just Get Started.

  5. Type in the Name of your Program, skip “add a description” and leave privacy on Open, click on the green Create Circle button.

  • Open - Anyone can access this circle (if you want to create a paid program you'll be able to choose this later on in the settings.)

Note: Do not worry - you will be able to add a pending status to your program so it will not be accessible to everyone, these settings will ensure its privacy.

  • Private - This circle is private and people must be added by you to join

Great job! You have created your program space. Now you can explore the settings and add your content to your program.

Share your program/registration page with your audience

  1. Once inside your parent space, click on Manage on the top menu and select the Main settings tab. To share your program with your audience you can find the Shareable link to it in the upper right corner. If you have a registration page the link to your program space will take the participants to the registration page first.

Useful articles:

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