Note: if you are running a program with a monthly subscription, please, let your participants know that to cancel this subscription and stop regular payments they will need to leave the circle or tell you to remove them from your side. This will cancel their repeating Stripe payments. Only after that, they can delete their Sutra account if they want to.

You can leave a circle from the home screen or from inside the program circle:

  • To leave a circle, first get to your main screen by pressing the Home icon. Here choose the necessary circle, click on the Cog icon next to it and choose the Leave circle option. This allows you to remove your membership from the circle and you won’t see this circle on your main screen.

Or press the name of your circle to get inside. Then click on the Cog icon and choose the Leave circle option here.

  1. Choose your top level circle (click on the name of your course/program), and click on the cog icon or ADMIN TOOLS on the right sidebar. From the dropdown menu select Members.

2. On the members management page, you can see a list of members. Make sure you choose the Manager View. Here you can also download a CSV file with the email addresses of your participants (click on the three dots to open this menu).

3. By clicking on the three dots on the right hand side next to the participant’s name you’ll be able to see the email address and remove this person from this circle or from this circle and all the sub circles.

Here you can see several tabs:

Check the status of the members before you approve them. If the status is Survey - this member still needs to fill in the registration survey.

If there’s an alternate payment option (for example: PayPal) you need to verify that the payment went through before you approve the membership of this person.

  • Invited - here you’ll see all the invited members () of your program until they register for Sutra. Invited participants after registration and people who registered themselves via a registration page will be under the Pending or Members tabs.

People in the Invited list haven't registered for Sutra or haven't read your invitation email. You can resend the invitation email by clicking on Resend. Here’s the example of the invitation email:

If you prefer to send a personalised email, you can copy the individual invitation link for this participant and send it in a private email.

  • Payments - if your program is paid, here you’ll see the list of payments and the dates they were made.

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