In this article we would like to offer you some tips on how you can increase participant engagement in your programs:

  1. Create a Welcome and Orientation circle (content circle with one edited page) where you can put the schedule of the online calls, navigation tips within your program and all the necessary information for the participants.

2. Add your participants to all the important discussion circles inside your program for them to get an email digest with all the circle’s updates and push notifications on the app.

Note: The participants can see and read messages in the open discussion circles even without being members of them. However, they need to either join the discussion themselves or be added by the manager to post messages and receive all the discussion updates via email.

Note: You don’t have to add participants to the content circles. We recommend you to simply make these circles open so that the participants are able to see all the content inside. Sutra digest includes updates from the discussion circles only. If you would like to let the members of your program know that you published a new piece of content you can do so by using the broadcast email (Broadcast).

  • Read here on how to add people to your circles

  • Use a Journey for automatically adding people

3. Use the Broadcast feature to send your participants personalised emails with program announcements or any other information.

4. Use the Dashboard area where you can track participant engagement, send personal emails and direct messages to selected members of your program. It’s a powerful tool to re-engage people and it works as if it was coming directly from your email account. We really want to keep the conversation as human as possible.

5. Use Structures (sequences of prompts) in the discussions

Sutra enables the course creators to make a sequence of posts and schedule them to automatically publish into any conversation circle. You create the conversational flow, and then just put it on autopilot. This will save you time and keep the participants engaged throughout your program.

Note: If you have several groups running in parallel, you can drop that sequence in all the groups and just supervise.

6. Use @ to attract people’s attention in a discussion

If you want to direct a message to a specific person, you can at mention ("@") their username like so: @natasha. And this person will receive an email notification of this message.

You can also start a post with @circle for all the participants to receive a notification of this post in their email right away. If you do not use the @mention, the participants will receive this post in their regularly scheduled Sutra digest which they set up their preferred frequency for.

7. Create a short navigation video for the participants presenting your program space on Sutra and showing them around. You can use a free service called Loom to record your screen ( In this video you can explain how the participants can benefit from the space, find the content and discussions in one place, connect with each other, ask questions and post their reflections.

Example of a navigation video: navigating the Transformational Teaching Online space

8. Share the Sutra Navigating Guide with your participants inside your program space or via a Broadcast, Registration welcome email or Approve pending member email (find them here: Admin tools-Settings-Registration settings).

9. Add your video call link to your circles

Sutra works best for people who are creating experiences that combine Zoom calls and online discussion. You can add the video call link (Zoom/Google hangouts, etc.) to your program space and whenever the participants click on it, it opens the video conference room. You can add different links to your circles and sub circles or have the main video link only in the top level circle of your program space. This feature is available on all plans.

To add the video conference link click on the VIDEO CALL tab on the right sidebar.

Paste the link and click on the green Save link button.

The active VIDEO CALL button will turn blue.

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