You can automatically add people to other circles inside your program. For this you can use an automation feature called Journey.

If your discussion circles are open, the participants can always see them and join them on their own. However, we recommend adding participants to the important discussion circles for them to be able to post messages and start receiving Sutra digest emails with all the updates of these circles.

Note: If you have private discussion circles, you need to add the selected people to them manually because Journey will add all the participants of your program to this circle with no exception.

Note: You don’t have to add participants to the content circles. We recommend you to simply make these circles open so that the participants are able to see all the content inside. Sutra digest includes updates from the discussion circles only. If you would like to let the members of your program know that you published a new piece of content you can do so by using the broadcast email (Broadcast).

Please make sure you add people to your program circle only after you activate your Journey.

  1. Choose your top level circle (click on the name of your program) and create all the necessary discussion circles. In this tutorial we will add people to two discussion circles but you can have as many circles as you want.

Note: You can always add circles after you activate your journey but in this case you will have to add people to them manually.

2. Optional step (you need it only if you have many programs and circles with the same names). Click on every created discussion circle and copy its URLs to notes on your computer. We do that to verify the circle’s extension.

So now in your notes you will have the individual URL links of your discussion circles:

3. Return to the top level circle (click on the name of your program), go to the ADMIN TOOLS on the left sidebar and click on Journey.

4. Press the blue Add step button and then choose Add person to a circle as your next action.

5. Then click on Select option and choose the necessary discussion circle from the dropdown menu. Here you will see the list of all the circles managed by you. There might be several circles with the same name but different extensions. This is why it is helpful to verify the individual extension of the circle you would like to add people to (see step 2).

6. After that press the green Add to circle button.

7. Repeat this process for the next discussion circle(s): first press the blue Add step button, then choose Add person to a circle as your next action and then select the necessary discussion circle from the dropdown menu.

8. You can add as many steps to your Journey as you need. After that press the green Activate JOURNEY button.

9. Only after you activate your Journey, you can start adding people to your program circle. For this, go to your program circle and press the grey Add people button. As soon as the participants join your program, they will be automatically added to the selected discussion circles inside of it.

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