If you are new to the Sutra environment and are using Sutra in a desktop web browser, the following suggestions will help you get oriented. Please note that Sutra works best in Google Chrome.

Joining a program circle

When you are invited to join a program in Sutra you’ll receive an email with a link to the program circle. Click on this link.

Then click on the green Join now button.

Follow the steps and enter your email address:

If you don’t have an account on Sutra, you’ll be asked to create a new account and fill in the registration form. Please, save your login information. Read more about creating your Sutra account here.

Once you are signed into their account you are taken to the registration/payment page. You might be asked to pay for the program (if it's a paid one): click on the amount and you will be taken to a window that collects credit card information.

If you the program has a registration survey, this will be the next step in the flow.

You can also be asked to answer some questions. Example:

You get a welcome email in their email inbox as soon as you register. After the registration you’ll get into the program circle on Sutra if it’s open. If the circle is not open yet you’ll see a pending status message and will be able to get into the circle after being approved by the manager.

When you are approved, you’ll also get an email notification about it.

Read here on how to create a Sutra account, reset password, etc.: Sutra Essentials

Setting up your profile

To edit your profile settings click on your avatar in the top right corner of your screen and select Settings.

Here you can update your name, username, location, and bio by filling in the fields. We recommend selecting a username that is similar to your real name so that people in your circle will be able to recognize you. Make sure to add a profile picture by clicking on the Choose File button under the Set profile photo section. Once you are done click on the green Update profile button to finalize changes.

Setting email preferences

Read more about email preferences here.

To edit your email preferences click on your avatar in the top right corner of your screen and select Settings.

Next click on the Email preferences tab in the sidebar. From here you can adjust your email preferences. You can see the recommended settings on the screenshot below.

  • Email digest preferences

This option allows you to select between having discussion email updates per circle or having updates digested into one email for all your circles (recommended).

  • Email notifications for general activity

This option allows you to set the frequency with which you will get email updates. The default is once per day.

  • Email notifications for new circle messages

If your updates are grouped by circle, you will have the option to specify the frequency of updates for new circle messages. If your updates are grouped by digest, then your frequency will be controlled by the frequency of general activity updates above.

Note: You can also customize the notifications for specific discussion circles: you can choose to mute the circle or change the frequency of email notifications. For this you go inside of the circle and click on the Cog icon. In the dropdown menu you select Email preferences and then choose to Mute circle or set your notifications preferences. If you mute the circle, you’ll still have access to it but won’t receive any email notifications.

Posting in the discussion

You can post a new message by clicking on the blue circle button in the bottom right hand corner of your discussion circle.

Type your message in the pop up window and then click on the green Create post button.

Mention people

If you want to direct a message to a specific person, you can at mention ("@") their username like so: @natasha.

You can also start the post with @circle for all the participants to receive a notification and for this post to be included in the Sutra digest of all the members of this circle.

Edit messages

You can edit/delete/copy to clipboard the posted messages. To edit a message click on the three vertical dots on the right-hand side and select Edit post. The managers can also pin messages.

Tagging messages

Read more here.

One of Sutra's most unique features is the ability to tag yours and other people's posts. Tags let you save and organize what people share in the discussion feed. Often, someone will say something interesting or insightful, and a few days later the comment is so far back stream that it’s pretty much lost. How do you save that and somehow make it available for future reference? Tags are designed to help you solve this problem.

When you click on the Tag button next to each message, you’ll see a pop up with an option to add tags. You can tag other people's messages as well as your own.

You can choose a tag from the created ones or create a new one. Then click on the green Update button.

Now you can zoom in on all the posts tagged with this tag by clicking on the colored tag or clicking on the Tagged tab in the sidebar.

You can also delete tags by clicking on the "X" next to it. Confirm this action by pressing Okay. Then click on the green Update button.

Send a direct message to a participant

If you want to send a private message to a participant, click on the name or profile icon of this person. You'll be directed to the page of this participant where you need to click the blue Message @username button.

Leaving a circle

When you no longer want to be a member of a circle you can leave it without cancelling your Sutra account.

Note: if you are participating in a program with a monthly subscription, please, know that to cancel this subscription and stop regular payments you will need to leave the circle or be removed by the manager. This will cancel the repeating Stripe payments. Only after that, they you delete their Sutra account if they want to.

You can leave a circle from the home screen or from inside the program circle:

  • To leave a circle, first get to your main screen by pressing the Home icon. Here choose the necessary circle, click on the Cog icon next to it and choose the Leave circle option. This allows you to remove your membership from the circle and you won’t see this circle on your main screen.

Or press the name of your circle to get inside. Then click on the Cog icon and choose the Leave circle option here.

Downloading the mobile app

If you're on a mobile device, downloading the mobile app for iPhone or Android will give you a better experience. You can find the Sutra Spaces app in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store by searching for "Sutra Spaces".

Note: Right now the app has limited features and we recommend using the web version to upload photo & video files and access admin features.


We are continuously updating our support knowledge base which you can find here: https://support.sutra.co/.

You can always email us at support@sutra.co if you have any challenges or questions about navigating the platform.

For all the questions related to the program itself, please, contact the manager of this program directly.

Tip for program creators: Add your email address for any questions related to the program.

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