The dashboard lets you send personalized emails and direct messages at scale according to member engagement. You can see the dashboard data in a parent circle or sub circles and send emails and direct messages to your members.

Note: The Dashboard feature is available on the Professional and Organization membership plans (see our Membership plans here).

In this tutorial we will open a dashboard in the General discussion circle.

1. Choose the circle you want to see the participation in, find ADMIN TOOLS on the right sidebar, then click on Dashboard.

2. Here you can see participation and sort it by word count, post count, last seen and progress.

Note: Progress statistics can be viewed only for circles with progress tracking structures. For this turn on the Show structure progress indicator in circle option when you create your structure. For more information on how to set up Structures you can go here.

Here’s an example of how the progress statistics can look like. We can see how the participants progress with the worksheet.

Dashboard shows you participation insights for your members. It also gives you options to send emails or private messages to the selected members or mention them in your post. You can check off all the participants or just a few based on their participation.

3. Let’s first explore how to send an email from the Dashboard area. Sending a personal email is a powerful tool to re-engage people in a discussion. It gives the participants the feeling that you care, that they are visible to you and their input matters. Here, for example, you can see and choose to check in with those members who are not participating enough or thank those people who add great value to the discussions.

a. Check off one or more participants and click on the blue Email button.

b. Create your Dashboard email: write the title and the content of it. You can use {{first_name}} to make it personal.

In the bottom you will see the recipients of this email.The participants will receive this email as if it’s sent from your email address.

When you are ready, press the blue Send email button.

c. You will be able to see this email in the Broadcast area of this circle. You go to ADMIN TOOLS→Broadcast.

4. You can also choose to send a direct message from the Dashboard.

You and your recipients then will be able to see it by clicking on the Direct messages tab on the left sidebar.

Note: The direct messages are sent within the Sutra platform and are also archived in the Broadcast area of the circle.

5. If you select several people and click on Mention the system will give you the usernames of the chosen members. You can easily copy and paste them into the discussion post if you want to mention them.

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