How to set up registration payments for your program

Note: You can also set up payments for the circles inside your program. Whether your program is free or paid there can be paid circles inside of it. You might use them for additional paid content or discussions.

1. Choose your top level circle (click on the name of your course/program), find ADMIN TOOLS on the right sidebar, then click on Settings.

2. Choose the General settings section and scroll down the page to Payment settings.

3. Sutra uses Stripe financial services and software to collect payments. If you would like to collect payments via your Sutra registration page you need to connect or create a Stripe account.

When you click on the Connect button you will be redirected to the Stripe website.

Note: Stripe is a third party payment processing platform with the highest grade of payment processing security. It collects payments and then deposits money to your bank account taking the standard credit card processing fee of 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction. Stripe does not charge monthly or annual fees.

You can find all the necessary information about how to get started with Stripe in their support resources:

4. Once you’ve connected your Stripe account and returned to the General Settings you will have access to all the payments settings.

5. Privacy level is important for the enrollment and payment collection process. If you want to collect money using your Sutra registration page you are recommended to set your program’s privacy level as Open with a pending status. Thus the registration page of your program will be visible to everybody who opens the link. But do not worry - your program itself will not be accessible to everyone, the payment settings ensure its privacy.

Please note that if you prefer to use other payment services you are recommended to set your program’s privacy level as Private. In this case the registration page of your program will be accessible only to the participants you invite using their personal email addresses.

6. Let’s look at the Payment settings. To collect money for your program through Sutra you can choose paid or flexible payment options.

6.1. The Paid option gives you the possibility to set a fixed price for your program and specify if you want to charge it once, monthly or yearly (as a subscription payment).

Note: The Stripe payment processing fee is fixed but the Sutra fee depends on your membership plan. If you decide to collect payments through the Sutra registration page we recommend upgrading your account to minimize the fee you pay.

  • Basic plan - 21%

  • Personal - 2%

  • Professional - no Sutra fee

  • Organization - no Sutra fee

a. In the payment details here you can select the preferred currency.

Note: Even if you want to choose a flexible payment option you should select the currency here.

b. After you set your price, scroll down the Payment settings page and press the green Save settings button.

c. This is what my registration page looks like when I set the price for my program:

d. You’ve set up your payment settings and can work on the registration page. You can add the program description and media files to your registration page, create a welcome email for your program and enable pending status (recommended). All these features you will be able to find in ADMIN TOOLS → General Settings → Registration settings. You can read about registration page creation process here.

e. If you scroll down the registration settings page you will need to press the green Save settings button and then you will be able to preview your registration page by clicking on the grey button.

f. As an example here I added a short course description and my registration page looks like this:

g. You can allow alternate payment options such as cash, check, or Paypal and write a message to the participants with the details of your instructions.

Always be sure to press the green Save settings button to update your preferences.

h. If the participants press the Other button they will see the details of the message you added and will be able to submit a payment through an alternate option that you specify. After they do so you will receive an email notification with their email addresses and a note that these participants are in a pending status to be approved by you.

Individual invitations

Note: You can invite people to your program circle with a special price or even for free. For this go to the top level circle and press Add people. Here you can invite particular members using their email addresses, writing a message and setting an individual price. They will receive a unique invitation to register with the email that you used to add them.

6.2. The flexible payment option enables you to offer different payment levels or allow the participants to pay what they can. If you opt for this option you will be asked to create a payment survey with payment options. The participants will go through this survey before they pay for your program.

Note: The flexible payment option is available on all the membership plans with the survey feature (Personal, Professional, Organization) and is not available on the Basic plan (see our Membership plans here).

a. If you click on the Create payment survey link you will be transferred to the survey area of your program. You will always be able to find it through ADMIN TOOLS→ Surveys and manage all your program surveys there. Now press the blue Create survey button.

b. Write the title for your payment survey which will then be visible on your registration page. Examples: Select your payment options, Choose your tuition, etc. Then click on Add Payment Request.

c. Write a prompt (e.g. ‘Please select a payment amount’), select a Multiple or Single choice option and set your payment levels.

Note: You can create the payment levels yourself or allow the participants to pay what they can. Please note, that if you leave the amount field blank the participants can write 0 USD and not pay in this case. To avoid this you can set a minimum recommended amount in your instructions.

d. When you complete the survey press the green Save survey button.

e. Then click on three vertical dots on the right-hand side and select Add to registration.

f. After you complete the survey go back to ADMIN TOOLS on the right sidebar, then click Settings →General settings and find the Payment settings section.

g. Click on the Flexible option and in a drop-down menu select the survey you have just created. Scroll down the page and press the green Save settings button.

Note: The participant will land on the survey page after they press the action button on your registration page (you can rename the button in the registration settings). To answer the survey questions and proceed to payment the participants will need to create an account on Sutra.

Note: If you want your payments to be in a currency other than USD you can change it here: ADMIN TOOLS→Settings→General settings→Payment settings. You opt for Paid option and change the currency. After that change the option to Flexible again.

If you are charging a fee for your program, you'll find a list of confirmed paying members in Admin tools→Payments. While the payment structure is created in Settings under General settings, managing incoming payments is in this section.

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