How to create Journey with Structure:

1. Create a new Space circle (a circle that can include sub circles). This will be the circle where individual sub circles for all the participants will automatically be created.

Note: Please make sure you add people to this circle only after you activate your Journey (see steps №8 and №11 of this tutorial).

2. Click on the Space circle you have just created and go to the ADMIN TOOLS on the left sidebar and click on Journey.

3. Press the blue Add step button and then choose Add person to a circle as your next action. This will automatically add a participant to a private sub circle.

4. For the next step select Automatically create a sub circle and assign person. This will allow the system to automatically create an individual discussion sub circle for each participant.

5. Create a naming pattern for your circle on the next step you can. Press the green Create new circle button when you are ready.

6. Then add another step by clicking the blue button and select Add structure.

7. Select the existing Structure or create a new one (See the article How to create Structure). Choose if you want it to be posted from yourself or sutrabot.

8. Activate Journey by clicking the green button in the upper right corner. You’ll see that Journey is active now. You can deactivate your Journey anytime.

9. Optional step. Once you activate your journey, you can preview your Journey by clicking on the preview journey button at the top of the journey flow. This is especially relevant if this Journey is a self-paced course and you want to give an introduction to it. If you click Edit settings you can enable payment options for this circle and edit the registration page.

10. Optional step. Let’s explore the registration page of this Journey. The participant will see it when joining the Journey circle. If you don’t do anything they will see a page with the Join Circle button. You can click on Edit settings, choose Registration settings, insert your text (you can include pictures and video files if you like) and click Save settings.

In the registration page preview you will see the changes made.

11. Adding people to the Journey: This is a very important step. Click on the Space circle you created for your Journey and click on Add people. Invite people using their usernames (registered on Sutra) or email addresses.

The sub circles will be automatically created for all the added members with the help of this Journey. Refresh the page. Sub circles for active members who are registered on Sutra will be created almost immediately. If you invite new members using their email addresses sub circles will be created as soon as they join the parent Space circle using the link in the notification email.

You can use a Journey to:

  • Automate the process of adding structures (sequences of posts) for creating an individual learning experience. A journey will automatically create individual discussion sub circles for each participant and add structures to them. With this feature you don’t have to create sub circles and add a structure to them manually. You can just add a group of people to a circle and have Sutra create sub circles for all of them automatically. To create such a journey you will need to create a structure.

    Note: If you want to publish structures for groups you still need to manually add them to the group discussion circles.

  • Automate the registration process. You can automatically add people to other circles (e.g. discussing groups) when they are added to your program. This Journey doesn't require a structure and will just automatically add incoming members to the selected circles of your choice.

  • Create a self-paced course for participants. You can add your participants to particular circles, have them go through a sequence of posts (course content), and get emails during the course (all scheduled by you in the Journey).

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