How to add a structure to a discussion circle:

Create Structure →Create a Discussion circle→Manually Add Structure to your discussion circle

You can choose to add a structure to a Discussion circle where all the participants of this circle will see the prompts scheduled for publication. For this:

1. Click on your top level circle (name of your program) and create a Discussion circle in your program. Here I choose to create a general discussion circle.

Note: You can make any circle open (available to everyone) or private (seen only to the invited members).

2. Go to ADMIN TOOLS, and click on the option for Structures. Then click on three vertical dots to the left of your structure and select Add to circle.

3. Select the discussion circle you want to add your structure to from the list of all the discussion circles created within your program.

4. Choose to send this sequence as yourself or as sutrabot and select the date for the first post to publish. When you are ready press Add structure. Done!

Note: If a Structure is used for creating an individual learning experience (e.g. a worksheet, an evergreen course) it’s recommended to publish this sequence as sutrabot. Otherwise the participants will assume that it’s posted by you and that you read all their reflections.

If a Structure is used for posting regular prompts in a group discussion circle it’s recommended to publish it from yourself to make it more personal and engage participation.

5. Add people to this circle. You can manually add people to this discussion circle if the circle is private or if it’s open but you want all the participants to be able to comment and receive email digests notifying them of all the activity in the circle.

You can read more about how to add people here.

Now you have a discussion circle with a structure. There are two ways to use it:

  • Structure in a group discussion circle

Structure in a group discussion circle can be used to schedule weekly questions, quotes or prompts for group reflection. You create a script of posts ahead of time, automate it and don’t worry about being in the discussion to post it.

It is especially useful if you have several groups running in parallel or across time. With the help of a structure the posts will come automatically and you can just supervise the conversation flow.

Note: If you want to use a structure in a group discussion you still need to manually add it to the circles. You can use a Journey only for an individual learning experience, worksheets or self-paced evergreen courses.

  • Structure in private discussion circles for individuals (automated journey)

Structures can be used to create an individual learning experience (e.g. a worksheet, an evergreen course). If you have many participants you can use the Sutra journey feature to automate the process of creating individual discussion sub circles and

See How to create Journey with Structure.

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