Duplicating your circles allows you to copy an entire collection of circles and resources for use with another cohort. This tutorial will show you how to do this.

Click on the gear icon of the parent circle you'd like to copy. Click on Duplicate.

In the Copy circle pop up window, make a name for the circle you're copying. For demonstration purposes, you might want to leave the name the same and add "COPY" to the start or end of the name.

At the bottom of the window you can select what parts of the circle you want to copy. For example, if you were going to have multiple iterations of a program, you might want to copy everything but the members, since new people will be enrolling for the next run.

If you are copying members, you cannot copy sub circles because Sutra only allows you to copy members directly into a new circle and not into sub circles.

One you click on create circle, you will be automatically redirected to the copied circle. You can now customize this circle, adding new content and members, without having an effect on the original circle.

This concludes the copy circle tutorial. Review the Support area for more tutorials on managing circles.

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