Sutra enables you to survey people when they register for your program. The following tutorial shows you how you can set up a survey that is delivered right after the registration process.

Enter your program circle to begin

Enter your top-level circle where you'd like to create your registration page and then click on the cog icon or ADMIN TOOLS button. Then select Settings.

Next, click on Registration settings.

Scroll down until you reach Survey members on join and click the checkbox. Let's create a simple informational survey.

First, save your progress by clicking on Save settings. Next, click on the blue Create survey link to begin creating your survey.

You'll be redirected to the Surveys area of your top-level circle. If you've created any surveys, including payment surveys, you'll see those in the center of the screen. Click on Create survey.

Give the survey a name. You'll see this name in the dropdown menu of surveys to choose from when you go back to the registration settings. This name will not be visible to the participant, it's for administrative use only.

You can also add an optional description to give the survey a little more context or information. This description will appear above the survey questions.

Start adding survey questions by clicking on the +Add Question blue. A question box will reveal below.

Surveys can accept three types of input:

Multiple choice - participants can select more than one answer. For example, if your program is crafted toward the needs and interests of your participants, you might want them to select several topics that they'd like to see featured.

Single choice - the participant can only select one of the answers.

Free form - the participant can fill in their own answer.

Practice creating your survey by adding one of each type of question/answer combination. Once complete click on the Save survey button.

You'll be redirected back to the Surveys page. Your newly created survey will be in the center of the screen. Now the survey needs to be added to the registration process.

Click on the three vertical dots on the right side of the survey you'd like to add to the registration page. From the drop-down menu click on Add to registration option. A green notification bar will illuminate briefly at the top of your screen to confirm that that survey was successfully added.

Let's test the survey in the registration process. Click on the cog icon in the top right of the screen and click on Settings. In the pop-up window, click on Registration settings.

Scroll down until you get to Survey members on join. Then select the survey you've created from the dropdown menu.

Click on the Preview Registration Page button. This will open a new window with your Registration page. You may want to set your payment settings to Free for testing purposes.

This survey will now automatically be presented in the registration process.

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