If you don't want your registrants to have access to your circle right away, you can put them in a pending status. This can be helpful if you want the circle to open to members on a specific date or if members have to go through an application process.

When selecting the Pending status, a manager will have to add the member to the circle manually.

Enter your program circle to begin

Enter your top-level circle where you'd like to create your registration page and then click on the cog icon or ADMIN TOOLS button. Then select Settings.

Next, click on Registration settings.

Scroll down until you get to the Pending status box.

Clicking the checkbox next to New members are pending (cannot see or join the circle) until approved or placed. This will stop the participant from entering into the program circle automatically. When you check this box, managers will have to review registrants in the Members area to approve them. We'll show how this is done a little later.

Next, write a little text in the box. This text will display as a confirmation message page after they've finished the registration and payment process. You may want to let participants know when they will be added to the circle or if there are any additional steps they'll need to take. You can add images, videos, hyperlinks to this message if there's additional content you'd like the participant to explore before they are added to the circle.

We recommend having a list of activities that the participant can do between registration and the start of the program or some instructions on how they can get started engaging with you or other members. Keeping the participant active will help encourage them to complete the program's journey.

Approved pending member email

While we are still in the Registration settings, let's review how to send an automated email to your approved members. You can choose to dispatch a message to notify the member when they've been added to the circle. If the circle is launched on a specific date, you can use this email as an announcement for the opening. We recommend putting some orientation information in this message.

Write a little announcement message in the text boxes.

Once complete, click on the green Save settings button to save your approval email.

Approve members

When you're ready to let your participants enter the program, you will need to approve them if they are in pending status. To approve a pending member, go inside your parent circle and click on the cog icon or ADMIN TOOLS. From the dropdown menu select Members.

On the members management page, you can see a list of members, registrants in pending status, members who've been invited, and those who've made payments.

To approve a pending member, click on the Pending tab in the middle of the screen. Here you can see which members are in pending status. You can Remove or Approve members. Approve one member at a time by clicking on the Approve link next to their name or all members at once by clicking on the blue Approve all button.

If you created a pending approval email, that message will be dispatched automatically once you click on the approve button or link.

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