Registration pages in Sutra can serve a variety of purposes, but the most common use is for enrollment and payment collection. Don't worry about "getting it right" during your first draft. You'll have the chance to review the page before publication and you can always make changes in real-time.

This tutorial will help you to create a landing page for the enrollment process of your program. Here you'll want to feature the Who-What-Where-When-Why information of your program, program fees, dates, and any other essential information that your potential participant needs to know before enrolling. Setting up payment, privacy settings, and automated sequences are covered in other articles. We're focusing on creating the registration page text here.

Enter your program circle to begin

Enter your top-level circle where you'd like to create your registration page and then click on the cog icon or ADMIN TOOLS button. Then select Settings.

Next, click on Registration settings.

We recommend scrolling through this section of Registration settings first before continuing the tutorial so you can see all of those features. You'll notice that there are two main text boxes for the registration page itself, a welcome email text box, and an area to send a message regarding a pending status. For this tutorial, we'll only address creating the registration page.

Registration page text

You have the option of placing your text above and/or below the Join circle button so that it can be at the top, middle, or bottom of the page.

Start with the first text box. We recommend copying and pasting, "Text to show above the price and registration button" with a little additional text of your own into the box where it says "Write something..." That way when you preview the registration page, you can see how this text section displays on the page.

Next, do the same for the second box. Copy and paste "Text to show below the price and registration button" and add a little text of your own.

Write text for the enrollment button

Scroll down to Join circle button text. This button will be your call to action, inviting members to join, enroll, make a payment, or apply, just to name a few actions. If you are creating a program that has a fee, you can enter that fee amount, such as $400 or "Make a payment" into the Join circle box. If your program is free, enter another invitation such as "Join the program" or "Enroll now."

Preview your registration page

Scroll past the Registration welcome email section until you reach the Save settings and Preview Registration Page. Click on the gray preview button.

This will open a new window showing you how participants will experience your registration page. A red banner stating "Registration page preview" will be in the top righthand corner of the screen signifying that this is a preview of the registration page rather than a live link.

In reviewing the page you've created, you will notice that the text you entered into the text boxes is visible on this page with the call to action button sandwiched between those lines. If you want the green call to action above or below the full text, you will only write into the text box that will support the desired layout rather than both boxes.

Now that you know how to create the body of the Registration page and preview your creation, experiment with customizing your page. You can add images, videos, and change text formatting by using the formatting toolbar that's at the bottom of each text box.

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