Sutra can automatically dispatch a welcome email when your participants register for your program.

Enter your top-level circle where you'd like to create your registration page and then click on the cog icon or ADMIN TOOLS button. Then select Settings.

Next, click on Registration settings.

Scroll down until you reach Registration welcome email. Type a subject line and small message into the fields, then scroll down to and click on Save settings.

Test your registration process and welcome message

When you're creating your program, you will want to test the experience that your participant will go through. Testing allows you to make changes to your enrollment experience and program to ensure everything runs smoothly for your members. To fully test your program's experience, you will want to create a second Sutra account. You can create a second, free account by using a different email address than what is associated with your primary Sutra account. Your two accounts then allow you to create and to experience.

To test your welcome message, open an incognito browser window. This will ensure that you don't automatically sign into your Sutra account. Go to the registration page for your program. You can do this by copying the Preview Registration Page URL link. Complete the registration process as if you were a participant. You will be required to sign into Sutra. Do so with your second Sutra account, not the account you used to create the program. This will ensure you can trigger the welcome email to your inbox.

For this example, you may want to designate your Payment setting in General settings as Free or to $1 in order to get past the payment gateway.

After you review the registration email that you've received, you can make further changes in the Registration settings. You can add images, videos, and links to this message to customize it.

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