There are a couple of ways to add members to your program or parent circle. One way is to create a registration page for an enrollment process. During that process, you can collect payment, set up a survey, or dispatch information.

This tutorial demonstrates how to add members directly through your parent circle. Start by entering the circle where you'd like to add members.

Once inside, click on the Add people button towards the upper right hand side of the dashboard. In the pop up window, you'll be able to add the username or email address of the people you want to add. You can also copy / paste a list of comma or space separated email addresses. If a person already has an account on Sutra, they will automatically be added to your circle.

You can write a short welcome message or leave the field blank. This notification will be dispatched to their email address.

The Notify people that they have been added option gives you the option to have Sutra automatically send people an email invitation. Alternatively, you can invite them and then go to the members area of your circle to get the unique invitation link for each person that you have invited.

If the person you're adding already has an account on Sutra, they will automatically be added to the circle and can access it from their homepage.

Adding members to sub circles

If you are adding people to a sub circle you will see additional options in the pop up Add People window:

Copy members from this circle: This enables you to copy all of the members of other subcircles within your program to this discussion circle.

Add active members: This will add the members who are a part of the top-level circle.

Add pending members: This will add a pending member to the discussion circle. When you add the member, they will move out of pending status into approved.

Note: People need to be added to a circle if it's a discussion (for posting messages and getting email updates) or if it's a private circle to have access to it - add this to the general article about adding people.

Read here on how to automatically add people to the circles inside your program.

Navigating Sutra Guide for the participants

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