There are two areas in Sutra where you can update your email notification preferences:

  1. General email notifications from the Home screen.

  2. Circle notifications from within the circle.

Updating General Notifications in your Account Settings

To change general notifications, log into your Sutra account then click on your profile icon in the top right hand corner.

Select Settings from the drop-down menu to access your account settings.

Click on Email preferences.

Here you can change your Email digest preferences. The email digest provides a summary of activities in your program Circles. You can choose whether to receive email notifications per circle with the Group updates by circle option or digested for all circles in one email by selecting Group all updates into one digest.

In the next section, Email notifications for general activity, you can select the frequency that you'd prefer to receive notifications. By selecting to receive general activity notifications, you'll receive a message when new members join your circles or when new circles are created. You have several time intervals to choose from or you can turn off the notifications.

You'll also find the option to receive a weekly digest of newly tagged items and discussions and receive a separate notification when someone @mentions you.

2. Updating circle specific notifications within the circle

The second method of updating your email notification preferences is through the Circle settings.

Click on the circle where you'd like to change email notifications.

Once inside the Circle, click on the cog icon and hover over Email preferences. Here you can change the notification frequency or mute notifications from this specific circle. If you have joined other circles, those email notifications will remain unchanged.

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